Do AI Logo Designs have a Place in the Creation and Distribution of Huntsville, AL Promotional Products?

Do AI Logo Designs have a Place in Huntsville, AL Promotional Products?


As society marches on, we find faster and more innovative ways to carry on tasks. And it is understandable human behavior. Some things just don’t need an excessive amount of oversight, and if people can find a shortcut so that we can improve our lives, we will take it. Where it gets tricky for most of us is striking a balance between improving our lives through the use of shortcuts and not becoming overly reliant on them to the point of sheer laziness.  For creators, designers, and corporations, the opportunity to examine this issue in regards to Huntsville, AL promotional products comes in the form of an up and coming business, Logojoy.

  Logojoy is a company founded in 2016 that relies solely on Google-esque AI algorithms for logo creation.

Artificial intelligence is being utilized for the logo design of Huntsville Alabama promotional products.  

Have we really reached an age where Huntsville, Al promotional products and logos are created and distributed only by machine? What is advantageous about it? What is disadvantageous about it? Does it really have a place in our society?  Let’s talk about it.


The Advantages of Algorithmic Logo Design


It’s Cost Effective

According to the creator of the business, Dawson Whitfield,  the major advantage of this platform is that small businesses can create logos quickly and with little cost to themselves.

“Logojoy allows small business owners to get designs without having to fork over thousands of dollars.” 

Huntsville Alabama promotional products, logo design, AIAnd on some level, it does make frugal sense. When a small business is starting out with very little to their name, this sort of platform can cheaply produce well-polished logo design. 

After all, a machine doesn’t need to eat, and an algorithm doesn’t have rent to pay.  So the most that customers have to pay for a generated logo is tens of dollars, in lieu of hundreds of thousands. 


It Takes Little Time

As someone who has actually done some graphic design work with clients, I can tell you personally that the process is long, drawn out, and takes a lot of negotiation. 

If time is of the essence for someone involved with  Huntsville, Alabama promotional products, the use of an AI can help with that.

All that a user has to do is pick out what they think based on the images the AI shows them and then the algorithm will compile what the business owner wants. That’s it. 

Naturally, people would gravitate towards something that is simple to use and requires little learning.


It Can Learn and Adapt Faster

Humans take their time to learn from their mistakes. We can only predict what will and will not work based on the mistakes and successes we made. 

A company that might deal in Huntsville Alabama promotional products will never come up with the perfect promotional campaign or logo on the first try because the whole thing is a trial and error process. 

No one can always successfully predict how people could respond to something like aesthetics and design applicability. 

An artificial intelligence, however, doesn’t need to worry about it. 

It can learn much faster than a human designer and can rely on a backlog of data that no single person could possibly even comb through.


The Disadvantages of Algorithmic Logo Design


An AI is a Content Mill, not an Artist

What do I mean by ‘content mill ” exactly? Well, it all boils back to the philosophical questions of ” What is art?” and “Why does art exist?”

Human beings had centuries of to define the answers to these questions.  logos , huntsville al promotional productsWhat we learned is that art serves multiple functions, such as a means of communication, a way to capture and present new ideas, and as a way of creating something aesthetically pleasing. 

Art at its best is innovative, challenging, and flexible. 

And while an AI can certainly communicate on a basic level through code and machine learning, it cannot present a new idea. An AI needs emotion in order to express something that is relatable to other people.

It can not create something new on its own volition. It can only work off a series of pre-existing templates that were pre-programmed in. Which is good for something quick and easy, but terrible for someone trying to make something their defining brand or identity. 


Customers Aren’t Always Right in What they Want

Customers are the blood of a business. Without them, a business will die instantly. That is why business owners will go out of their way to point out how much they appreciate them, (usually through the use of  Huntsville Alabama, promotional products). 

However, most customers haven’t studied aesthetics.

They don’t always know what color scheme can enhance or detract from something, what font is legible or why you can’t use copyrighted imagery. They need the designer to actually argue with or compromise their vision so that their message can be clear and concise to their target audience.  If that goes unchecked, the design could look like garbage. 

An algorithm can’t argue.  It will just produce something based on the wishes of the client, in spite of how right or wrong the final product will look. 


Progress Shouldn’t Replace Effort


There is certainly a time or a place for cheap streamlined design. Namely, if you don’t have much money, or you are learning the ropes of design yourself.

But not all Huntsville, Al promotional products, or logo design should be done this way. Especially if you want that design to resemble something much more personal and unique to your company.

Just ask yourself before you decide to utilize a machine for design Are you doing this to make things more affordable? Or are you doing this to substitute real effort?

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