Customized Athletic Wear for 2020

Custom Apparel -Athletic Wear for 2020


custom apparel, athleisurewearThere has been a greater uptick in popularity with athletic wear in custom apparel in recent years. Whether you see a group of people coming out of a gym or shopping around at Walmart, or even attending an 8 am college course, they are all wearing some type of athletic wear. Usually with a unique pattern or an initial embroidered into it. This is a far cry from the perceived norm of the 80s and 90s when wearing athletic wear out in public was as taboo as wearing only underwear out in public. There are even a few news articles that decry this change in the social norm as proof that the morality of the nation is slipping.

But, whether moral guardians like them or not, they are invading public consciousness. Denim sales have been decreasing over the past few years and athletic gear is on the rise. Nike and Lululemon are seeing an uptick in demand for athletic custom apparel. So, what has made them more appealing compared to the jeans of today? Is it an appeal to comfort, practicality, a change in lifestyle, or is the clothing industry trying to drum up a trend?


An Appeal to Comfort in Custom Apparel

Anyone familiar with the history of denim and jeans will tell you they have been around for a very long time. In fact, it predates the 1900s. Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss invented and patented jeans as we know it on May 20, 1873. Initially, it was made to endure the harsh times of the period. Specifically, during the Goldrush. They made it with the intent to simply last longer as work clothes than other types of material made before it.  It reflects the period and is a testament to what they make it for, to last in a rough environment of manual labor.

But we don’t live in an age that has that same demand anymore. If anything, our lives have been more sedentary across the board. Or at the very least, there has been a huge uptick in clerical environments thanks to the Information Age, which means a lot of sitting.  Our needs change with the times, which created for the demand for something different.

According to “The theme of the past century of Western fashion is this: We take clothes designed for activity, and we adapt them for inactivity. And that’s true beyond the world of sports. For decades, men working in factories and farms wore mostly Levi Strauss jeans; today, denim is for loungers. They pioneered wristwatches in World War I to keep soldiers punctual; today, we embrace them as peacetime jewelry.”


An Appeal to a Healthier Lifestyle and the Breakdown of Social Barriers


Another thing to note is that when we want to do a physical activity, it has become less of a byproduct of our daily lives and it has become athleisure wear, custom, apparelsomething we take time out of our day to do. People choose to do yoga, go jogging, or go to the gym. We have to actively make a choice to exercise and make a healthy lifestyle for ourselves. Instead of being worn thin from manual labor, we just keep in shape by going to a class.

Fashion historian Deirdre Clemente explains it this way, “Athleisure is the culmination of three long-term trends.”

  • “First, technological improvements to synthetic fiber have made products like spandex more flexible, durable, and washable than natural materials.
  • Second, the modern fixation on healthy appearance has made yoga pants an effective vector for “conspicuous consumption,”
  • Finally, the blurring of yoga-studio fashion and office attire snaps into the long decline of formality in American fashion.”

So, when we wear clothes that we literally classify as athleisure, you announce to the world that you have enough income and status to worry about your health, but you are still approachable as a middle-class citizen because you are still dropping the social pretense. It is a way of saying, “Oh, I am well off, and healthy, but not too well off.”

And when it is a form of custom apparel with a pattern or initial, it boosts the idea in an onlooker’s head that “this person not only affords the time and money to work out, but they also do it often enough to have their own style of athletic wear.


Athletic wear is going to be a continuing trend because it is meeting both the practical and social needs of our changing and growing society. It is dropping barriers, but in a different sort of way than naysayers were probably envisioning. Either way, if you want to get in on the latest trend, you can order custom apparel at Entrusted tees.

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