Custom Company Shirts – All Options for All Occasions

Custom Company Shirts – All Options for All Occasions


Apparel has certainly evolved over time. From the time our ancestors wore pelts to protect themselves from the elements to a representation of a status symbol, clothing has changed in style, material, and expression, at a rapid pace.  And we are not finished coming up with new ways to make clothing work for us. From costumes to corporate apparel, our clothes do so much for us. And in our current economy that demands not only mass production but uniqueness, businesses have their work cut out for them. So, what options do companies have for apparel? And what sort of occasion would crop up for a company to provide a custom company shirt? I can think of a few possibilities.


Annual Company Eventscorporate company shirts

Most companies that are older and more established often throw events for their employees and their families. I remember a local company that specifically rents out the local water park for its employees and their families every year. None the less most people are aware of the “company picnic”. And oftentimes, companies want to give away a small freebie of appreciation for the hard work of their loyal employees, as well as the patience of those employees families. It usually comes in the form of a t-shirt that is easily mass produced and given away at the event. This serves a two-fold purpose, whether the companies realize it or not.

The first is that it keeps both family members and their peers aware of that employer’s workplace.  When someone throws a custom company shirt on with a logo on it, chances are, it is going to be noticed either passively or actively by the people looking at it. The second is that it reminds employers and their employees that their company took the time to appreciate their employees. It also demonstrates that the company is willing to provide for their needs.


Aside: The Message a Shirt Can Send

Either way, it opens the door for clear and consistent communication about priorities between employees and clients. The custom company shirts become less of an inanimate object with a specific function and become a message through the act of giving. However, that is not the only way a shirt can communicate with someone. Further context can be added in with the quality and execution of shirt design and its materials.

For instance, if the creation of the shirt relies on low-quality materials, doesn’t put any thought into the design, and is poor in execution, then it implicitly sends the message that the gesture is a surface level platitude. However, the opposite can also be true. If an employer hires someone to pay attention to those details it can send a message to employees that the company values their employees.


If you are ordering for an occasion like this, you should go crazy with the design elements. Get wacky, and have fun! The company picnic is not a time to be somber, it is a time to have fun! Think about offering different t-shirt colors as an option so people can get into teams for games.  Or you can get something gimmicky like glow in the dark ink! The world is your oyster!

custom corporate apparelUniform Camaraderie


Another reason a company would order custom company shirts would be if your company is trying to present a united front. Places like Best Buy and Panera come to mind, when I am thinking of t-shirts for uniforms.  The shirt itself would look distinguished, usually giving off a “Polo” vibe and would normally have an embroidered patch or a print of a logo on the upper right or upper left side of the shirt.  These shirts oftentimes evoke the sense of a “unified front” between each co-worker. The custom company shirts also make a point to distinguish the difference between a person who works for the company and another client to the observant inquirer.

However, if there is not enough professionalism in the design, or if it does not stand out enough, the intended message can be easily lost.

When choosing a shirt color or design, you might want to use the accent color of the logo or workplace.  What do I mean? For instance, let’s say if you own an establishment that with a red-orange, white, and cyan logo. Your building is mostly orange with hints of white and yellow.

If you want your employees to stand out visually, it is a bad idea to give them orange polo shirts. You are blending them in and are making customer service harder for you and your employee. However, if you used orange’s contrast color, the cyan accent, you will make it much easier for customers to find your employees. It also makes it easier for co-workers to stop one another if they need help.


Aside: Further Differentiation

Custom Company shirts are also a good way to help the internal work environment to determine the difference between employee departments in a large building. Last I checked, accountants wouldn’t do so good with fixing a broken computer and IT wouldn’t be good at cleaning toilets in the building.  With simple color coding, or at the very least the occasional pattern difference, customers, co-workers, and employers will know who works there, and the boundaries that are set by that position.  It is a much better tell far away then the small writing on a badge, and it prevents the possible confusion that comes with bureaucratic tie-ups.




There are several reasons why you should properly invest in custom company apparel. It showcases appreciation for happy occasions, it also helps on a practical level when it comes to the appearance of customer availability, showcases what your company represents, and helps customers and coworkers distinguish the difference between who works in the building, and who is merely visiting. If you are seriously considering ordering custom company shirts, think about helping your local apparel printing press. Places like Entrustedtees are great for making top-notch custom company shirts with attention to detail and a professional manner. Think about it before your next company picnic!

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