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DECATUR, AL – ‘Tis the season for custom apparel with all the swag that comes with the December holiday tradition. We decorate our trees, our houses, our dinner tables both inside and out to reflect our love of the holiday. Whether we are following a religious tradition or just spending time with friends and family in relaxation, Christmas has a little something to offer everyone. The great thing about Christmas is that it is so versatile. Thanks to the countless interpretations by multiple countries around the world, and the various ways the holiday has been applied commercially, there are many ways that we can visually interpret what Christmas means to us. That’s why there are thousands of ways that a person can dress to express their love for the Holiday season in their own custom apparel.

One of the more interesting trends in recent years is the concept of the ugly Christmas sweater. Why would someone want to dress in something that they deem unattractive? Especially during a season that is supposed to be full of positive feelings and possibly reverence? Maybe there is something to the sense of humor for it we don’t understand. We can find out by looking into the origins of the ugly sweater fad at the beginning.

Ralphie in a Bunny suit, custom apparelHandmade Custom Apparel from our Relatives

Christmas is a holiday that has existed for centuries. While there was an emphasis on gift giving for ages, it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution in both Europe or the United States that people started to get picky about what they find in their stocking or got under the tree. Mostly, people got what they got, and they were grateful. Then we got more stuff to make our lives easier. After having to no longer focus on survival, we could focus on preference. Clothing became a mark of expression and there became a demand for custom apparel. Things such as knitting, upholstering, and sewing were becoming hobbies instead of a daily chore.

And sometimes people who were just getting into practice with those hobbies.  Like a great aunt or a grandmother would lovingly make a sweater or jumper for the children they see every couple of years from across the country. Whether the kids who received them considered them gaudy, of poor taste, or badly put together, they still wore it with a forced smile on their face every time that relative would come to visit.

Trending in the ’80s and ’90s

In ’80s sitcoms, after growing up with this odd tradition as children, celebrities, and writers recalled their childhoods. Their comedic depictions or embrace of these gaudy sweaters struck a chord with audiences. Whether it came from a sense of irony or a fondness for tradition, people started to raid Goodwills and their attics for old sweaters.  Custom apparel in the form of tacky sweaters with clashing colors and bells sewn into them were in vogue for the ’80s.

However, this died out in the ’90s. Whether it was because of generational cynicism or people who celebrated the holidays had no semi-fond memories of being forced into a gaudy sweater, we don’t know. What we know is that it would come back into popularity in the 2000s.

The First Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

In 2001, residents of Vancouver, Canada claimed to hold the first Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  The people who hosted the party instructed guests to wear the ugliest sweater that they could find. It was so popular it became an annual tradition. The tradition made its way over to America shortly after, thanks to our friendly neighbors to the North. Now, there are thousands of ugly sweater christmas parties every year, fashion lines that aim to create ugly christmas sweaters that will be popular, and more than one National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

Whether you want to use too much glitter, clashing patterns, or insane additions to an outfit that is more flashy than practical, you can do it. You can use your sweater to express your creativity. It can be a way to cut the tension with a short laugh. It can even be an homage to a combination of pop culture osmosis and tinsel.  It’s a fun new holiday tradition that can get you in the spirit in making your own custom apparel.

Speaking of custom apparel, are you planning on ordering some for the New Year? Learn more about what Decatur, AL can offer?  Find out more about it at and Have a Merry Christmas!

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