Five Mistakes to avoid in Printing Silk Screen Shirts in Huntsville, AL

Five Mistakes to avoid in Printing Silk Screen Shirts in Huntsville, AL


Silkscreen shirts are awesome when they are printed flawlessly and creatively. To be able to achieve that finish that is admirable and incredible, you will need to have the appropriate skills and apply extra caution in the printing process.

In fact, making mistakes can be costly in terms of your time and resources as the number of wastes will be high. Also, you may lose some of your clients for a work poorly done.

Below, we explain to you a few common mistakes that you need to avoid for a successful silk screen shirts printing process.


Unnecessary Rush in Cleaning the Machine


You will handle shirts of different colors and shades from various customers residing in Huntsville, AL, and each customer requires a well-done job. Sometimes or dare I say most times, you will not have the luxury of time and you will be required to move from one color to another.

That is no excuse for a shoddy job.

As such, it is prudent that after printing, you thoroughly wash the machine with enough water. Also, degrease your screens between projects to attain the perfect shade you want.

Another important thing you can do is to wash your hands properly, clean the pallets and dust the press.

That level of cleanliness and tidiness will go a long way in reducing wastages.


silk screen shirtsFailure to Use a Spot Gun


A spot is a tool used to address possible stains of the silkscreen shirts. The spot gun works by having a concentrated detergent that removes grease, ink, or dirt from fabric.

As the name suggests, the spot gun can deal with spots and leave the place sparkling clean. However, some screen printing company either do not own or fail to use this important too and the result is messed up shirts.

Turning Down Jobs Because you Don’t have Tools


You might be starting out in your new business, and if that is the case, you might not be able to do larger jobs. If that is the case, you might be tempted to turn them away at the door.

That is a mistake as you will have lost a business opportunity. What you can do, is to outsource from another bigger printing company in the local Huntsville, AL area. Since you in business, you will be charged a smaller fee and gain a new customer.

That underscores the importance of networking and knowing other companies that can offer silkscreen shirts.

Ignoring Press Check Regularlysilk screen


After completing a printing process, you should assess the press to ensure that every part is in its rightful place. Notably, the bolts that fasten the pallets tend to shift position during the printing process.

As such, when you fail to check the press in order to save time, you risk having blurred images or smeared images. With this outcome, you’d have to redo the printing which may ruin your relationship with clients in Huntsville, AL.

Companies in Huntsville, AL that understand the value of time and scarcity of resources do not skip this important step. In the end, no money is wasted.

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