How to Avoid Promotional Product Mistakes When Placing an Order for Companies in Huntsville, AL

How to Avoid Promotional Product Mistakes When Placing an Order for Companies in Huntsville, AL


The joy of achieving promotional products goals can overwhelm an individual such that one forgets the small details associated with placing an order. It is in that carefree attitude that companies make serious mistakes that are not only painful but also frustrating. That said, the goal for the promotional item should remain up front and follow accordingly.

Below we explain three major promotional products ordering mistakes that are prevalent in Huntsville, AL, and tips on how to avoid them.

promotional products, huntsville alPoor Attention to Spacing


Sometimes there seems to be a thin line between too little detail and too much detail. However, as a business owner,  something like that should not let that cost your company. It is important for you to research what information is necessary, and what isn’t.

For example, you should not try to bog down your t-shirts with every single detail about your business. People have short attention spans and just want a straight and to the point message. Instead, give your logo and website information.

Also, the size of the product should be the determining factor in the details to be included. For instance, you cannot expect 6 lines of text to work on a pen, just because it worked on a bag.

 Regarding Promotional Products as Extra Cost


Companies in Huntsville, AL handle promotional items differently. While some promotional products, Huntsville alconsider it part of the budget, others, see it as an extra cost. Those who regard it as an extra immediate expense will do everything within their power to minimize it on the front end. They will even cut corners to assure that they are sacrificing long-term results for short-term satisfaction. Such a path can lead to a negative impact on the business.

When the cost of designing the item is included in the budget, it is treated as part of the expected expenditure and is an easier loss for companies to handle.


Last Minute Ordering


We all get caught up with time at some point in our business operations but that is no excuse for not planning ahead. Getting late or behind schedule should not be as a result of unforeseen occurrences.

Especially if you are hiring someone else to create your promotional materials. Or if you are planning to ship them to a location or a specific event.

Companies in Huntsville, AL that remain competitive order their promotional products early enough and allows a few weeks for unanticipated situations. That way, there is ample time to deal with delays, research on appropriate designs and make the right decision without pressure.



Promotional products in Huntsville, AL have the potential of boosting the growth of the company. Especially when easily preventable mistakes are taken into consideration. These mistakes include last minute order, failing to budget for promotional products and too many details that obscure that important information and message.

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