How to Create Screen- Printed T-shirts in Huntsville, AL

How to Create Screen- Printed T-shirts in Huntsville, AL


The growth of modern technology in Huntsville, AL has helped to increase creativity and innovation of the people.

Screen printing is a way to make unique t-shirts. It helps the company to outdo its competitors as it produces exceptional t-shirts. Screen silk-screening is the best-preferred option in Huntsville, AL when printing t-shirts because of its high-level vibrancy.

Also, screen production helps to produce t-shirts which can be worn for different functions. Screen published t-shirts are one of the cheapest ways which can be used to create professional designs.


Find or Create an Image You Want


In creating screen printed t-shirts in Huntsville, AL artwork is vital in the process. First, you duplicate the image you want on the shirt. Make sure the design isn’t too overly detailed and is easy to understand.

In your machine, you should create a picture with a higher resolution. The images with higher resolution are more accessible to prepare for printing.  Also, don’t be afraid to be a little creative.

 Separation of Imagesscreen printed


Second, you separate the image into workable layers. You don’t want more than two or three colors on the design. If you are really new, you can just stick with one color. It involves the removal of some colors from the design.

In this process, it is preferred that you use a translucent film as it helps you to see the lines and the dots. Separating the images makes it easy for you to know the specific colors you are supposed to use.

Place your Image on the Screen


Third, when the screens are ready for printing, you expose your image to the disclosure unit. The exposure unit is a box with a light inside.  You pace the film between the glass and the screen to allow bright to shine through the lens and the big screen.

Of course, it is recommended to use the use of a wiper to apply the fluid to ensure that it covers every part of the display.

Print It


screen printing machineLastly, if your screen is ready to print you should apply ink to it and set it on the press. You should ensure that everything is to start writing. It is the fourth and main process of screen printed t-shirts In Huntsville, AL.

Also, you might need to mix different colors to have a particular shade of your design. At this stage, everything is set, and you can easily print your t-shirts.




Screen printing is one of the most preferred methods for screen printed t-shirts in Huntsville, AL because of the excellent results regarding quality.

Though screen printing is one of the oldest methods of creating screen published t-shirts, it has remained the best ways. It designs vibrant and long lasting t-shirts.

By following the tactics and the steps above helps you to be able to produce quality screen produced t-shirts. Also, you should do a bit of practice to increase your knowledge of the printing process.

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