Interesting and Practical Swag and Promotional Products Ideas

Interesting and Practical Swag and Promotional Products Ideas

It is not easy to set yourself apart from the crowd. After all, there are a variety of obstacles that can get in the way of a successful campaign. This includes the oversaturation of giveaways and promotional products that companies come up with. So, what can you do, as a local business, in Decatur, Alabama to eke out the competition? We get creative.  Here are a few ideas for promotional products and swag that are not in the mainstream quite yet, or have the potential to bring customers to your door.

Coloring Books

This one is certainly applicable for a weekend or all-day-long events. Honestly, I am surprised that this has yet to catch on outside of dine-in restaurants.  Children in promotional events get bored. They get tired, cranky, hungry, and sick of standing in line. Or exhausted while listening to grownups talk about something they don’t care about.  Honestly, I think most adults think the same way. Kids just vocalize it better.

So, what better way for them to find something to do than to get a small packet of crayons and a coloring book provided by the company?

The great thing about something like this for a promotional product is that it is easy to produce. All you need is to hire an artist to do some simplistic sketch work related to your company brand and print out a few sheets of paper. Crayons are cheap and are recyclable along with the books.

It also adds that extra step of showing that you care to your employees or potential clients by providing for a need that most people don’t think about in the business sphere. It would also save the battery on your devices, and it keeps the kids away from the screen once in a while.

Lip Balm

This promotional product is popular around dental and sporting outlets, but, again, this isn’t as common as pens or water bottles. Again, there is a missed opportunity that a company can seize. Especially if it is in the heat of summer or your company is going to an event where there is little to no moisture in the air.

Lip balm is easy to slap any sort of label on since it usually comes in a tube. Also, it is a unisex item meant to help protect a vulnerable part of the body with sunscreen. If you are a business that has a motif, brand, or business surrounded by a fruit, you can flavor it accordingly. And, again, it fulfills a need that most people don’t think of on the bat.

It is a little costly to come up with, but this is due to the quantity and having a promotional product somewhat premade. If you can get over that then this is a good idea to consider.


Do you want to go above and beyond the average t-shirt that you give away at your company meeting? Do you want to add a little pizazz or practicality to what you want to give to your employees? Why not consider a hoodie or jacket?

It costs a little more, but it will have more longevity compared to a shirt with a specific year slapped on it. People are far more likely to keep coats and jackets for much longer than the usual t-shirt. We tend to think of them as something more valuable because it has a practical use and it isn’t something we buy too often for ourselves.

The weather in Decatur, Alabama is unpredictable, so why not have promotional products in Decatur, Alabama to match it?

Conclusion: You Get What You Pay For

You want your clients to feel valued with some thought put into your promotional products. This is why promotional products drive a huge part of the economy. But if there is no real effort to these promotional products, what’s the point? At that point its quantity over quality. The same can be said for promotional products given to employees.

More times than not employees get the impression from their jobs that they have no value to their employers. At least outside of the work they do.  As far as they know it, they are easy to replace. More times than not supervisors or company owners are so hyperfocused on the bottom line that they forget that their employees are the ones making that goal happen. They also forget that these employees are people. People with needs like hunger, thirst,  and to feel warm. So, why not put a little more effort into what you are giving away?

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