Popular Spooky Symbols and Designs for your Custom Apparel in Decatur, AL

Popular Spooky Symbols and Designs for your Custom Apparel in Decatur, AL

This the season of falling leaves, candy, spooky stories, and monsters. It’s Halloween season, and with it comes an array of creative, terrifying and fun designs for custom apparel. While it may be a little too late to order any custom work in time for the holiday this year, you can easily get a step in the right direction for next year. There are a variety of spooky designs that range from adorable to downright horrifying. Today, we are going to look at popular designs for custom apparel for the Halloween season. We will also be looking into their possible origins.


Whether they are declaring war, or are just dancing around like goofs, it is hard not to appreciate a design that comes from inside each and every one of us. A combination of bones.  Skeletons draw attention because they are funky anonymous little avatars of ourselves. They are a blank slate that can be either cute or edgy depending on layout and context.  But what started the whole spooky skeleton trend? Why do we see it often on custom apparel on Halloween night and why are they such a classic?

Historically, skeletons have existed in artistic expression for a very long time. The earliest design that we have seen of animated skeletons date as far back as the Late Middle Ages, or the early 1400’s. It first made its appearance as a sermon illustration, before parishioners learned to read.

The intent of the dancing skeletons or Danse Macabre was to give a message about the universality of the fate of mankind. No matter if you were a King, a beggar, laborer, or child, everyone would be equal in death. That equality was supposed to remind people that we are all fragile, in spite of earthly glory. Essentially it was a message about remaining humble.  And that universal idea kind of stuck in today’s design of dancing skeletons.


Usually, when someone does not want to associate themselves with the Halloween spirit, there is one element that is often given a pass in some conservative custom apparel. While scarecrows can appear frightening, they are for the most part pretty cute or harmless. Usually, they are always wearing a smile or they are completely faceless. The design has seen little changes over the years, with its structure usually tied up to a pole, and can create an interesting visual via embroidery or silhouette. But is there a reason why it is so popular in most autumn/ Halloween apparel?

It all boils down to its origin and function as a protection symbol.

Scarecrows were initially used on farms to keep invasive birds and other creatures away from their seeds and crops. That sort of protection for crops meant food for the upcoming harvest every year. These effigies are as old as possibly the agricultural process itself. They have done what not even windmills or other large structures could do,  frighten away intruders.  And we are forever grateful to them.


Jack O’Lanterns

These happy little pumpkins are often carved with silly or downright scary faces. They are also is fun to watch light up in a beautiful glow as the sun sets. This makes it a great image for you to utilize cool glow in the dark effects in your custom apparel.

Jack O’ Lanterns also has its’ roots in protection according to Irish folklore. The stories often included a man “Stingy Jack” who was a sinful, yet clever trickster figure. He tricked Satan twice to keep him from taking his soul to Hell However, once he died, both Heaven and Hell refused to take him because of either his sinful life or because of the bargain he previously made. So, he was doomed to wander the plane between this world and the next, carrying a lantern made out of a carved turnip.

In Ireland and Scotland, people began to make their own versions of Jack’s lanterns by carving scary faces into turnips or potatoes and placing them into windows or near doors to frighten away Stingy Jack and other wandering evil spirits.

Eventually, the tradition made its way over to North America, and since pumpkins naturally grew there instead of turnips, we wound up with the modern-day Jack-o-Lantern.


Images associated with a holiday can make a great design idea. Especially when we know where they came from. If you want to feel more inspired when making custom apparel in Decatur, AL, visit us at www.entrustedtees.com


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