PaL + and MYCRO Light: The Perfect Combination

PaL + and MYCRO Light for just $59 Shipped!

Thank you for purchasing your very own PaL+ Multi-tool and MYCRO Light! These will be shipping out shortly and headed your way.

The PaL+

A 3-in-1 powerbank, flashlight and folding knife that conveniently fits in your pocket, purse or briefcase. This portable, rechargeable 400 lumen flashlight also serves as a backup power source for mobile phones and other USB rechargeable electronic devices. The PaL+ also features 3” folding blade, that can be removed for safe travel. 


Impossibly bright and unbelievably small. Featuring 6 unique light modes, including the 400 lumen TURBO MODE and 3 LED color options to accommodate any situation. The MYCRO is small enough to conceal in your hand or fit on your key ring. This powerful pocket light even comes with a stainless steel necklace chain to keep this light with you wherever you go.


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