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What are the Main Pros and Cons of Using Promotional Gifts for Companies in Huntsville, AL?

What are the Main Pros and Cons of Using Promotional Gifts for Companies in Huntsville, AL?

The use of promotional gifts is one of the amazing marketing strategies that can help businesses in Huntsville, AL, increase their sales by reaching greater audiences. One of the common and reputable product is the promotional gift that companies give to prospects as a way of converting the prospects to regular customers.

While promotional gifts have such great potential for growing the business, they also present some drawbacks that companies have to deal with.

In this article, we share with you the main pros and cons that come with promotional gifts.

1.       Pros of Promotional Gifts

Enterprises in Huntsville, AL that gift their prospective customers increase the brand recognition and customers’ loyalty. When a company is able to give gifts that are helpful and meet the needs of the clients, there is an increased possibility that the customer will remain loyal. In fact, such customers will be active and able brand ambassadors among their peers, colleagues, and friends.

When customers enjoy the reward of a product without purchasing it, it will increase their satisfaction. Satisfied customers increase the client base by promoting the brand through the continuous use of the product.

Promotional gifts increase the sale margins, especially when it is done strategically. For example, if customers are required to purchase a certain volume of products to get the gift, most clients will willingly do that to get the gift. When many clients choose that path, the outcome will be increased sales volumes and higher profits while promoting the brand.

2.     Cons of Promotional Gifts for Companies in Huntsville, AL

Free promotional gifts can be costly. The reason is, you have to make high-quality products to maintain the value and prestige of your firm in the eyes of the customers. Making such products that bring no financial return as they given freely may be costly for the business.

Giving away the free gifts does not guarantee that the customers will purchase the commodity. That will be a sunk cost at the end of the day. In fact, some clients may feel like they are being manipulated to purchase a high volume of goods that they may not need to get the gift. This may draw away the customers instead of bringing them to your business.


To mitigate the possible risks and disadvantages, it is important to carry out market intelligence and research to be really sure who you should give the gift. That way you will increase the possibility of getting a good return for your business in Huntsville, AL.

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