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Ways of Using Promotional Products that are Cheap and Ideal for Startups in Huntsville, AL

Ways of Using Promotional Products that are Cheap and Ideal for Startups in Huntsville, AL

Starting a business in Huntsville, AL is a costly exercise that demands finances, time and strategies to make an impact among the prospects. That said, as a startup owner, you may not have all the money you need to promote your business and get new clients. Nonetheless, you still need to promote your business. That is why it is important to be creative and learn ways of using promotional products that are cheap but impactful. In fact, you can still use these tips as an established company. Besides, each company’s goal is to reduce costs and increase the returns for long-term sustainability.

1.       Use Promotional T-Shirts Creatively in Huntsville, AL

One of the timeless promotional products that are cheap for businesses in Huntsville, AL is the use of t-shirts. That does not mean that they have become old-fashioned and cannot bring returns to you. All you will need to do is to be creative.

To reduce the costs, you should utilize Google to learn various designs and select the most suitable for your target population. When you have identified a unique design and the color combinations that make your promotional t-shirt stand out, you may seek the services of a screen printing company.

The first batch should include various colors so that you can test the color that is most preferred and print it in the next batch.

The ideal marketing channel is to events that most of your prospects will be. Depending on your audience you can find the appropriate way of giving the freebies. For example, you may have a contest and give it to the winners and those who deserve it.

2.     The Importance of Promotional Pens

Another promotional product that has stood the test of time in Huntsville, AL is the logo pen. Even with technology and digital communication, pens remain amazing ways of promoting your company.

The advantage of using pens is that they are cheaper to acquire compared to the promotional t-shirts or even bags. That means you can print many pens without feeling a pinch in your company resources.

An important tip though, you should make the pen as creative as possible but do not omit the website of your company. In fact, it is enough to just have the logo and website.

Another advantage of using a promotional pen is that is that it moves across so many people and that means your brand gets to be known by many people.


With your financial constraint, you can still use promotional products that are cheap such as logo pens and promotional t-shirts to promote your startup. These promotional products are cheap but with great potential of promoting your business.

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