Promotional Products in Decatur, Al: A Good Pair of Socks

Promotional Products in Decatur, Al: A Good Pair of Socks

One of the major things that the Harry Potter book series has taught the current generations is to never underestimate the value of a sock. Like any other item of clothing, they can send a message. Whether it is freedom, comfort, boredom, or warmth, socks can evoke a wide range of emotions. This most likely stems from their almost everyday use. So, if you think about it, they are a good template for promotional products.

So, what do people like about socks? Are they always used on our feet? How have they become an influential part of fashion, culture, and personal expression? Let’s find out.

Photo by Jisu Han on Unsplash

History of the Sock/Stocking

For as long as people had to deal with cold weather and long walks, people had the need to cover their feet. Usually, our hunter/gatherer ancestors wrapped furs on our feet to prevent things like frostbite and injury. Eventually, when those ancestors settled down into farming societies, they were able to work with the furs and skins at their disposal to create woolen socks. The earliest written record of socks dates back to the Greek and Roman empire. The oldest visual evidence was found in an ancient Egyptian tomb dating between 240- 400 CE.

Eventually, once sewing, darning, and knitting started to become a common practice, socks started to become not only a necessity but a fashion statement. In the Middle ages, the more ornamental and longer the sock, the more wealthy a person appeared. Materials also determined wealth and status in socks. Upper classes tend to have silk and lower classes tend to stick with wool. Because it would be a long while before elastic was invented, they were often held up with ribbons, ties, or garters.

Socks started to become very easy to produce in 1938 thanks to the discovery of nylon. With synthetics, plastics and elastics made the production of socks easier than ever. It even made socks very cheap to produce.

That is all well and good, but what do people like about socks? What makes it easy to use as a promotional product?

What do People Like about Socks?

They are Versatile

Whether you are wearing a suit for a business meeting, are going for a hike, or are simply wearing a regular outfit in your day to day life, there is always a sock for the occasion. Short of going to the beach or wearing sandals, everyone including, adults, children, men, women, gay, straight, black or white, wears socks.

There is a sock for almost every occasion and they come in a variety of materials and shapes. Which brings me to my next point.

They are Easy to Customize

Archaeologists found a pair of socks in Egypt that dyed a red color. They also had a distinctive style with a pocket for the toe and a bigger pocket for the rest of the foot.  If ancient civilizations put forth the effort to decorate socks even back then, it kinda makes sense that we would put the same effort into socks now.

We use patterns, colors, logos, shapes, and materials to come up with socks that are easy to produce.  They are cheaply made and easy to produce, especially when compared to t-shirts or other types of clothing. All you need is your logo and some imagination.

There are Not Just For Feet

When you think of a promotional product that has a utilitarian aspect to it, you are used to applying one purpose to it. For example, if you have a tote bag, you only expect it to carry things. If you have a flash drive, you only expect it to store data.

Socks are unique in that they somehow managed to worm their way into other applications. For example:

  • We made it a tradition to put a giant sock over a fireplace to put presents in every year.
  • If there is one that mysteriously went missing in the dryer, the lost one can be made into a hand puppet. It’s a great activity to expand your creative thinking and a great way to spend time with kids.
  • Our dogs sometimes use socks for their own personal comfort. They love chewing our dirty old socks, mainly to keep a scent of someone they care about nearby.


Socks mean more to people than they realize, so this can be a great opportunity for a  marketing platform. If you are thinking about getting printed socks for your company or have any other promotional item visit


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