Promotional Products that became Collectables

Promotional Products that became Collectables


Usually, an item or a piece of memorabilia is seen as valuable by a group consensus of collectors. A lot of factors play into determining just how valuable an item is. Sometimes it is scarcity, and other times it could be nostalgia. However, we live in a world in which things like promotional products have value. In fact, there is a surprising amount of promotional products that are deemed valuable collector’s items over time. So, let’s look at a few of them that made the cut today.


Coke and Pepsi Promotional Items


promotional productsThere is no one alive today that can remember a time before these two brands exist. That’s because these two soda brands have existed for at least 116 years. That is more than any lifetime than any human being could ever experience. It’s no wonder a lot of the old advertisements, collectibles, and bottles are worth money.

But just how much are they worth, exactly? And why are people clamoring to buy Coke and Pepsi items as part of their collection?

The most expensive item that was sold recently was a CocaCola vending machine on April 19th at $ 5,500. The next thing down on the list was a Rolex and a couple of cash registers with the Coca Cola name on it. Even the signs that advertised Pepsi products themselves from the 1940s were worth $2,500! And a closed bottle of Crystal Pepsi is worth a whopping $1,900. Why are these products and their promotional materials worth so much?

It boils down to American identity.

As I mentioned before, both companies are over 100 years old, and it was around that time period when industry and capitalism first started to flourish in the United States. Coca Cola and Pepsi are the hallmarks of American ingenuity, luxury, and its origins of their financial success that came 30 to 40 years after the Civil War. It is because it is so tied to American identity, it is seen as valuable. Not bad for a bunch of promotional products to receive that kind of status.


Early Car Memorabilia


Speaking of American Iconography, another major sign of luxury and innovation in America was the motor vehicle. Were it not for innovators like Henry Ford, we would not have the cars that we use to get around today. So, it would make sense that earlier models of the Mustang would be considered collectibles. But did you know that value expanded to promotional products and items that were meant for advertising purposes?

Salesmen outfits from the showrooms of Mustang dealerships in the ’60s are worth almost $900. It is also the same amount as some of the old car titles sold for. Even a small part, aWW2 Fighter Mustang Tail Wheel, sold for $525. Even signage and promotional products that are relatively recent are still considered valuable in the market. A Mustang dealer sign from the mid-60s is worth a whopping $600. And large scale neon signs are worth at least 2 and a half times that.

It seems America still loves to cling to a reminder of their glorious start of the industrial age. But that isn’t the only type of memorabilia that is considered valuable. In fact, there are even some examples of countercultural promotional products that risen in popularity over time.


Vintage Concert T-Shirts


The ’60s through the ’90s were a golden age for concerts. Rock, metal, and several other genres of music made their debut in this era with concerts that sold as many seats as they could. Bands promotional productslike Led Zepplin and Guns N’ Roses sold t-shirts there to fans. The fans got something to remember their experience by, and the bands saw money.

Now, those shirts have become worth far more than what concert attendees initially bought them for.

One of the biggest purchases for a vintage t-shirt on eBay was for a vintage Iron Maiden t-shirt that sold for a whopping $2000.  Hendrix, Metallica, and Slayer shirts from various concerts were worth on average $500.

However, a lot of the value of these promotional products boils down to the type of materials that they are made of, its size, and the condition of the shirts altogether.

Even the type of autograph can possibly decrease or increase the value of the shirt, depending on its scarcity. Still, a couple of hundred dollars never hurt anyone.




Promotional products, just like any other item can gain value over time. In fact, it can even be seen as iconic by certain groups of people. If you want to know more about the power of promotional products and their value, feel free to visit our main site and call us.

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