The Language of Promotional Products in Decatur, Al

The Language of Promotional Products in Decatur, Al

This might have been mentioned before in previous posts, but people respond to things like branding, incentives, and other things that revolve around getting a promotional product. This is because, in essence, purchasing is an act of communication. Whether someone promotes their business with freebies or wraps newly purchased merchandise, there is communication. Specifically, between the person giving and receiving in that transaction.   A lot of this communication is more explicit than others, and sometimes misunderstandings do occur. But if you want to make the right impression with your promotional products, you will need to try to understand how that language works.

So, let’s talk about how product sales, giveaways, and relationships play into how people perceive your business.

The Thought that Counts

I am sure almost everyone who has had a birthday party at some point in their lives has heard the phrase “It’s the thought that counts.” Most times, parents teach that lesson to their kids about being humble and grateful for personal blessings.  A moral lesson about the importance of appreciating the intent of the gift given. Or at the very least an acknowledgment that sometimes we need to suppress materialistic habits to keep a relationship functioning.

However, it is an interesting acknowledgment of how communication ties to the act of gift-giving.

The quality behind the promotional product, the intent of giving it to another person, the presentation, all have something to say.  If the receiver of a promotional product can take it on good faith that your ‘thoughts’ are in the right place, you will draw people in. If you legitimately care about the welfare of the recipients, customers and potential customers will pick up on that. They will be much more likely to return the favor and keep you and your company in their thoughts.

The same is also true in reverse. If the receiver gets a feeling that there is no effort from the giver, then the receiver won’t pay attention. The biggest enemy of marketing your brand out there is not just negative publicity. It is pure indifference. And a lack of effort means that there was no thought to count in the beginning.

But why do thoughts count, to begin with? Why does the exchange of a gift or promotional product carry symbolic weight?


Human beings often attribute personality traits, ideals, principles to an object, animal, other people, and locations. It is a natural process that often opens the gateway to abstract thinking, language skills, and artistic expression. We call this habit personification, and it is mostly addressed when discussing language, literature, and childhood development.

According to” Personification is weird…yet entirely natural. It’s the odd practice of pretending things are people. When we personify, we apply human attributes to inanimate objects, to nature, to animals, or to abstract concepts, sometimes complete with dramatic stories about their social roles, emotions, and intentions.”

It is the reason we love newborns, name our pets, love our Roombas, and connect with brands in the first place.  When your company or representative sells or gives away a promotional product, they have the opportunity to attach a positive attribute during gift-giving.  The product can personify the importance of the person they are meeting, the event where they got it, and the attitude of the giver.

Connection and Situational Context

All of that communication and goodwill, however, has to match the situation at hand. Without proper context or connection, a gift will fall flat.

In-Context Example: a college alumnus buys a sweatshirt with the college logo at the college gift shop to remind them of their years at school. There is an existing connection between that person and what they are buying, they came to the location at their own accord and got something that would mean something to them.  This results in a pleasant exchange with a promotional product.

Out of Context: If we were to take that same sweatshirt and tried selling it at a restaurant it would not be memorabilia. Instead, it would be no more than useless junk. Why would anyone who doesn’t know the school want to buy one? Why is it at a location meant for addressing hunger? All it does is cause confusion and apathy. Ultimately it is overlooked.

Insulting Context: Place the sweatshirt from one campus store into the campus store of the rival school.  Not only is it out of place, but now it is a slap in the face.  You can insult people with the gifts that you give and the same is true with promotional products. This can happen unintentionally if there is cultural dissonance but even then it shows a lack of respect for the other institution you are trying to work with.

If you want your promotional products in Decatur, Al to succeed, you want to be wary of what you are saying when you give or sell it to another person. Is it in context? Is there thought or effort involved? Think it over before you order a bunch of things that could be irrelevant or insulting.

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