The Most Expensive Promotional Products and Gifts

The Most Expensive Promotional Products and Gifts

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Promotional products have a longstanding history and culture in places like Decatur, Alabama or Beverly Hills, California. They are a method of communication, a token of good will, and can serve as a representation of the company or brand that gifts or sells them to people. Some people are in love with the personalities behind the brand. Others will get involved with a brand because it is a status symbol of wealth, excess, and success.  However, at the end of the day, sometimes the expense of the promotional product is not worth the brand recognition. So, we compiled a list of the most expensive promotional products in Decatur, Alabama, and possibly the United States.

Artisanal Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate on some level or another. It is a huge part of our current luxury market and can be bought just about anywhere depending on grade, or production of it.  If the chocolate is a byproduct of machine labor and creates millions every day, chances are the nib is low grade and it is outright cheap altogether. However, when the chocolate is artisanal, the materials and the cost of labor get more expensive.  Way more expensive.

The most expensive I could find consistently is Adco Marketing’s Chocolate and Nut Tray. It has a quantity minimum purchase of 25 boxes with a price tag of $ 1699.75. And that is without the custom mold of a logo for $99 per box.

Only high-end corporations would consider doing such a promotional product, and indeed, the makers of the product claim that it is.  I doubt most readers would be able to afford a single box, let alone the minimum required purchase. Most of us might just stick to nestle.

Bejeweled Watches

Tradition often dictates that most companies would gift a retiring member of their staff a nice watch or timepiece. In an almost ironic sense of humor, the recipient will always have a reminder of the time that they have left to enjoy their retirement and possibly reflect on the amount of time practically stolen by the company that gifted it to them. While the traditional Rolex can be pretty pricey, that company has nothing on the watches that are decorated with diamonds.  Graff diamonds, an English company that deals in diamonds, created a watch made almost entirely of different cuts, colors, and shapes of diamonds.

By the time it was done, the commissioner of timepiece entered it in a tradeshow with a price tag of $55 million. Fifty-five million for a single watch. A lot of onlookers were aghast and a little stunned at the beauty and outright outrageous price. The commissioner and owner of the watch used the public’s impressions of his work to come up with a title, The Hallucination

It looks like the layman will just have to settle with seeing it in their dreams or imagination instead of their retirement.

Fine Wine

Alcohol is a very touchy subject for a promotional product in Decatur, Alabama, as well as other parts of the world with a temperance point of view. However, expensive wine and spirits often get a free pass, in the business world and in upper-crust society. At least, as long as there are no young children present.  This is because aged wine and spirits take a long time to make. Wine, especially, is often seen as the peak of sophistication and wealth. There are even groups of people that get certification in the art of tasting and evaluating fine wine.

So, it would make sense that rich business circles would use wine to solidify business deals. Some will even hire some companies to create custom labels on behalf of the company they are representing. How much is the most expensive wine in the world? Where is it from?

It turns out that the most expensive wine comes from France. A 1996 vintage bottle of wine called  Domaine de la Romanee-Conti La Tache Grand Cru Monopole, Cote de Nuits, France. Just one bottle comes with a wooden case costs $45,548.  It is red and is described to have notes of ” blackberry, black raspberry, cassis, truffle, and tar. ” An almost $50,000 dollar bottle of wine is almost unheard of as a promotional product, or a gift. But alcohol is a common gift for things like international trade and business deals. Unless you are working on the board of a Fortune 500 company, you might not ever see this promotional product in person.

 Affordable Promotional Products

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