Up and Coming Digital Promotional Items in Huntsville, AL

Up and Coming Digital Promotional Items in Huntsville, AL

There is one thing that we all know for certain about promotional items. If a product has enough room for a logo, it will be slapped on. No exception. In our capitalist economy, there is a consistent pattern from companies large and small to find the next big thing. And, depending on how much of a risktaking mood they are, they will associate with it as soon as possible. So, today, we are going to look at up and coming promotional items that are starting to gain traction as of Summer 2019.


Camera Covers

Does anyone remember about the 2013 NSA leak? The revelation that the government has been meticulously collecting a lot of our information was pretty jarring for the American public.  Some citizens shrugged it off, even outright joking about everyone being assigned a personal FBI agent that watches our online shenanigans. Others, however, were less enthused by the news.

If anyone wanted to they could hack into a laptop’s camera system or the camera system attached to a mobile phone.  The fear of spies became prevalent. So, what do you do? Do you give up your digital lifestyle for the sake of privacy? Or, do you give up your privacy to still have an online community to interact with?

This problem gave birth to several forms of privacy protection. A physical and cheap option for this is the camera cover. The camera cover is a small piece of plastic that literally covers the lens of the camera on your phone. It moves on a slider to cover or release, depending on if you need to use it. If anyone taps into the camera, all they are going to see is an unexciting black screen instead of something that would benefit a peeping tom.

Its gaining popularity and of course has enough space to put a small logo on it. I can see this exploding as a promotional item in Huntsville, AL over time. Especially with ever-increasing privacy concerns.

Styluses Over Pens

There is nothing wrong with a nice pen. Its been around for years and I don’t think that digital tools would replace every single traditional medium or habits out there. There is no replacing picking up a scrap sheet of paper to jot down a note. But let’s be honest. A lot of our record-keeping, artistic expression, and day to day activities are performed on electronic devices.

In fact, a lot of educational facilities that can afford it are utilizing electronic formats for writing and reading. A lot of work and school can be done in remote locations either partially or entirely. With that in mind, there will be an increase in need of styluses over pens in the near future.

These pen-shaped input devices became varied in size and shape, with a plethora of functionality which ranges from having its own “eraser” to shifting digital compatibility if you are left-handed. The pen template for adding logos or addresses are easily transferable from an ink pen to a stylus. Because the shapes are similar. As long as buyers are diligent in knowing the size of the stylus that they plan on ordering, there is an opportunity there. This is one promotional item in Huntsville, Al that will most likely grow in popularity over time.

Portable Charging Stations/ Power banks

Battery life is a precious thing to someone who either works with technology on a daily basis or is always on the go. This is apparent to a lot of businesses like airports and hotels, that provide stations for other people to use while they are waiting or resting somewhere.

However, what if you want to avoid any sort of potential conflict? What if you don’t want to be stuck in one location? That is where the personal power bank comes in.

Power banks are not too new on the technology scene since they have been around for at least a decade. However, with the perfection of the technology, and the standardization of USB charging ports, power banks are getting more popular than they used to.

They have plenty of space for a logo to fit on it, the design is usually sleek, and it is more utilitarian in nature. So, if you have the money and want a promotional item in Huntsville, Al that people are more enthused about, this might be the way to go.

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