Ways of Using Personalized Pens to Promote your Business in Huntsville, AL

Ways of Using Personalized Pens to Promote your Business in Huntsville, AL

Though times are changing and technology is taking a central place in today’s marketing approaches, the traditional ways still remain integral in most businesses in Huntsville, AL. One of the ways of promoting your business in a cost-effective way is the use of promotional products such as personalized pens.

Pens are used in schools, offices, and even in homes. They are inexpensive to print out and the number of promotional ways to use them is inexhaustible.

In this piece, we provide you with some tips and techniques on how you can use branded pens to enhance the performance of your business.

1.       Personalized Pens Giveaways in Corporate Events

Firms in Huntsville, AL organize professional events from time to time such as seminars and conferences. Such meetings mostly comprise of employees from various firms and that presents an excellent opportunity to promote your logo ballpoint.

Depending on the specific event, you may either give away the pens without saying much or if it is allowed, you may pitch the customers before giving away the pens. But the bottom line should be that the pens have your company’s logo and website. That way, the prospects can easily reach you even after the event.

Also, ensure that the quality of the pens is high and the color attractive. That way, customers will be proud to use the pen regularly and thus make your brand known.

2.     Personalized Pens in Student Fairs

One of the primary users of pens in Huntsville, AL are the students. Since they have friends and families, they can be incredible ambassadors of your brand when you give the pen strategically. If your company deals with products usable by the students, then this will be a milestone.

Just make sure that your personalized pens are attractive. Also, be relevant in that fair. For example, if you are giving out the pens during a career fair, craft a slogan that addresses things to do with careers.

3.     Give personalized pens at Specific Places of the Company

If your company has a visitors’ lounge that is an ideal place to place the promotional ball pens and let the visitors use the ballpoints and carry them away.

Additionally, you can have the ballpoints at the receptionist who will give new customers, visitors and even repeat clients.


To promote your company using logo ballpoints for your company you can use student fairs, corporate events, and in the company at various spots.

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