What is the Life Cycle of Promotional Products in Huntsville, AL?

What is the Life Cycle of Promotional Products in Huntsville, AL?

Promotional products are a part of the business economy. Whether they are freebies, souvenirs, or are just functional like business cards, they play an important role in business exchange. That is why promotional products are literally a billion-dollar industry. It is also why there are a lot of businesses that worry about new upcoming tariffs. But how much value can we attribute to promotional products? What happens when they become unwanted or reach the end of their life cycle? The answer to that question will be further explored when we take a closer look at the lifecycle of a promotional product in Huntsville, AL and the rest of the world.

Introductory Phase

Whether a product exists to promote a company or fulfills another need, it goes through the same life cycle as any tangible good. That is why we are going over the product life cycle and applying promotional products to that cycle.

First is the introduction stage. This stage is where companies introduce or launches a product. The first few sales of a product, or people who will take the first few freebies, will come from early adopters.  Early adopters are generally described as people who are more likely to take a risk, mitigated or not, usually to fill a void or just try something different because it is cheap/free.

When promotional products are in this phase, this will, no doubt, be an indicator of how people will to the new product or company. Usually, if you are giving away freebies, and there are takers, a good marketer or businessman will take notes of the situation. Find out the reasoning why there are takers of your product in the first place.

There is also a chance no one is interested in those products and you will get panned. If that is the case you are probably not going to launch. Troubleshoot and see what the reasons might be.


The lifecycle of promotional products tends to be shorter than a good or service. You might only give away one bulk order and never think about it again. Or, you could give away a lot more at different locations. Whatever the case may be, if interest is piqued enough, your promotional product will hit the growth stage.

More people will start coming in to see what the fuss is about.  If the stars align and you have all of your P’s in a row, then you are going to hit your peak at the next part of the cycle.


After a product is well established at the growth stage, this is where the product hit its peak. Competition has often entered the market, and the growth of engagement or sales has hit a plateau.  Unless you are planning on using a different version of the same promotional product or a different one altogether, then this is the highest point your promotional product is going to reach.

Everyone who wants the product already has it, and the clamor is going to die down for something new. Hopefully, there is a predicted balance of supply and demand and you don’t have too many leftovers.  Because this is where you hit…


This is where the goal for the product lifecycle shifts in priority. In the case of regular tangible products, promotions or discounts are used to salvage as much income as they can with what they have leftover.

In the case of a promotional product, however, it is different. After all, a promotional product is essentially something utilized to address the decline of stagnation of business. Usually by getting new clientele or to keep repeating ones from leaving the cycle completely.

What do you do with an item that no longer piques interest in someone you are willing to engage with? Should they sit in a storeroom somewhere or sit in a landfill? Not necessarily.

A Proposal for a New Step: The Upcycle

If something is not working anymore, then it would be in the best interest of the product to get fixed or adapted into something that garners new interest from customers.  It is cost-effective, utilizes the same resources without the need for as many new materials, and it works in favor of the company’s reputation.

This idea is a somewhat new approach and does not have an official name for a step in a product’s lifecycle. However, that does not mean that there is no need for the reuse of the raw material since we are running out of space and producing a lot of waste. What better way to find resources than to reuse old ones?

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