Corporate Apparel in Decatur, AL : Decide on Design

Corporate Apparel in Decatur, AL : What Should My Design Say?

It’s hard to know make design decisions.  Especially when it you are essentially making that decision for a bunch of other people. Sometimes it is easy because there are people who agree with a design unanimously. Maybe it is because the group is small, or the choice is not really high stakes. But what if you are in charge of new corporate apparel in your office, or you are making a decision for hundreds of people. Suddenly the idea doesn’t sound so simple.

There could be quite a few reasons why someone is left alone with the decision. It could have been hoisted on you the last minute, or the insanity of the beureaucratic process is putting things to a standstill when a decision needs to be made yesterday. Is there some way where you can at least wrangle an idea about what to get for the company? Is there some sort of design code that you can crack for a mockup that is more guaranteed for success.  Thankfully, there are a few things that you can take into account when presenting an idea for corporate apparel in Decatur, AL or anywhere else in the world.

corporate apparel, osha complianceIs it Up to Code?

One of the most important things to be thinking about is if the new corporate apparel needs to meet up with the health and safety standards of OSHA and company standards. If what you are wearing looks good at work, that will mean nothing if you need a protective barrier from chemicals, or something that is less flammable.

While some people tell you that beauty requires sacrifice, the last kind of sacrifice your company needs is consistent fines, and possible lawsuits because of oversights. Alternatively, you might not want to spend extra money on materials. Especially, if the worst your employees are going to be exposed to are papercuts.

Thanfully this sort of issue with corporate apparel can be circumvented with just looking up company bylaws and the OSHA requirements for certain trades.

How Professional Does it Have to Look?

Another thing to consider is what type of people are your employees or co-workers are going to interact with. Are they going to be working with someone who expects an extreme level of professionalism? Or are you just working with the general public? How often does it get messy when you are on the clock? Or, alternatively, how much do people expect you to keep your appearance polished?

These are the questions that you must ask yourself when you are coming up with your mock up for the corporate apparel. If you are aiming for something a little more in the realm of professionalism, you want to look at materials and designs that reflect that. Embroiding logos or your company name on a Polo, for instance, might indicate to people who are interacting with employees that they are in an upper class establishment.

formality scale uniforms, corporate apparel
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The opposite can work too. If a setting or a location is casual, the last thing you need to do is to dress overly formal in that same outfit. Causal wear matches a casual environment. So sometimes a t-shirt with an ironed on logo is just enough to convey a relaxing atmosphere for a kid in a toy store or a fast food worker in a busy environment.

Do We Have an Official Look?

You might not even have to come up with much depending on how many resources you gather. For a lot of larger or even mid size companies, there is a logo already designed, with a font that they specifically chose for their business. They might have an official color pallet. If the design is recent, then chances are they don’t want to deviate too far from the original look and feel of the company. So, they want their corporate apparel to match what they already have, you have the right things to work with.

Alternatively, if the company you are working for has been talking about a design change for the logo, or a new color pallet, you might want to double check and get a feel for what direction that company might want to move in. There is a good chance they might want to go over the look and feel of the company before they order the corporate apparel.

There are a lot of factors that go into ordering the right corporate apparel in Decatur, AL, let alone the rest of the world. If you want to hire a business that you can trust with your corporate apparel, feel free to contact us at

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