What to Do with Old Custom Tees in 2020

shirt quilt, custom teesIt is the time of year when we get rid of the old things in our closet to make way for our new stuff. Sometimes, the change is minimal, and you don’t really need to make an overhaul. Other times, the closet has been bursting at the seams for ages with clothing that either doesn’t fit anymore but is far too damaged to really do anything about it. We love our custom tees from 12 years ago, but we can only wear something for so long that it will fall off.

However, there are often a lot of nostalgia and memories that are tied to clothing. Jerseys from sports teams, for example, are filled with the work and sweat of players who either saw victory or defeat. T-shirts of sarcastic quotes or with visual logos could represent a time when you were coming of age and were shaping your opinions. There are even pieces of clothing that are directly tied to an event, such as the time you saw a celebrity at a music concert or went through a once in a lifetime event.

Whatever the case may be, you would be hesitant to let go of those shirts, even if you know that they have become almost rags or super tight. So, what can you do to your old custom tees? Is there a way you can avoid getting rid of them? Luckily there are ways that we can reuse those old tees and shape them into something that is still part of your life.

Remake Custom Tees into a Blanket or Pillow

If you already have several custom tees or jerseys and you are hesitant about letting them go, you can use them as pieces for a large quilt. The essence of quilting is sewing multiple patches into a patterned template. There are plenty of ways to cut and combine fabric. If you are or know someone good at sewing, then it can be a reality. However, it’s important to invest in some extra material if you want that quilt or blanket to cover an adult body, or if you want it for a larger display. That aside, it could be a fun and meaningful way to make your old tees last.

It is even easier to make an old shirt into a throw pillow for the house. All you need is some stuffing and a basic stitch. It is a great way to not only keep the fun design at the front and center. The pillows can be super comfortable.

Doll/Baby  Clothes

What if you want to pass your shirt to the next generation? What if you are running out of baby clothes, or your own kid wants new clothes for their dolls and action figures? Use your old shirts. That is a great way to not only reuse what you have, but it can also be a handy way to save money in a pinch. We make custom t-shirts with cotton material, meaning that it will be comfortable on a baby’s sensitive skin. As long as you thoroughly wash it, it should be safe. Also, it is a cute way to dress the baby.

Doll clothing can work on a much smaller scale, especially if they are from Mattel. But nonetheless, the old shirts still provide plenty of materials for you or your kids to work with. It is a great opportunity to work on sewing skills and maybe discover an inner fashion designer.


Work with the Flaws

When I tore a favorite band shirt of mine, I was not happy.  I would have to get rid of it. Where I worked I was constantly bumping into things making it hard to make my shirts last. So, I found a book that helped me how to use the holes that I already had to make something that I could keep. There are plenty of fashionable ways to solve problems such as altering a hole into part of a mesh shirt. Or, you could add an extra row of fabric to make the shirt longer and look layered. You can even change it into a crop top. There are plenty of ways to rework what you already have. It saves not only your money; it makes a statement that you will make a new look based on an old one.

There are plenty of inventive ways to keep the old custom tees you have but still, get them out of your closet. But if you need new custom tees to replace the old ones, call us. Or, give us a visit at www.entrustedtees.com

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