When to Opt for T-Shirt Screen-Printing in Huntsville, AL

You need some custom t-shirts for a team building activity for your company. However, since you are not skilled in artwork, you are wondering what the best option for your T-shirts is. You service provider is ready for either option you choose.

So, do you choose the traditional screen printing or the digital printing? What factors are important to put into consideration?

What is Screen Printing

Screen printing includes the process of making a stencil that most printers call a screen. The created stencil is then used to apply ink layers on the fabric. A different stencil is used for every color and used one a time until the artist is able to achieve the desired look. All this is handwork.

Screen printing is differentiated from digital printing as the latter involves a computer produced artwork such that the ink is applied directly to the fabric.

There are situations where screen printing is the best option compared to digital printing. In Huntsville, T-shirt screen printing would be ideal in the following situations.

When T-shirt Screen Printing in Huntsville, AL is the best option

If you are printing specialty products or dark T-shirts, T-shirt screen printing would be the best. This is because it allows you to apply thicker layers of ink on the darker t-shirts and achieve clarity as opposed to digital printing. What you will achieve is a distinguished level of brightness even on dark or dull colors.

Additionally, T-shirt screen printing allows one to add particular details on the promotional item. A computer cannot handle uneven surfaces of a T-shirt something that can be done incredibly with hand done screen printing.

If you need certain things crafted on the T-shirts, screen printing firms in Huntsville, AL would do that job perfectly. Only, be ready to invest a little bit more since it requires more time as it is labor intensive. However, the uniquely crafted T-shirt will be worth it.

How to Get T-Shirt Screen Printing Affordably in Huntsville, AL

If you want a custom-made T-shirt by screen printing in Huntsville, AL, then consider planning well and researching online various companies.

If you give the company ample time for T-shirt screen printing you are likely to get a good deal at affordable rates as opposed to hurriedly placing an order.


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