When to Use a Slogan for your Promotional Products

When to Use a Slogan for your Promotional Products

One of the interesting things that often share a history with promotional products, graphic t-shirts, and companies is the existence of a slogan. It is the sort of marketing tactic that tries to please the ear, instill memory, and gets results. Really, without them, we wouldn’t get the same songs stuck in our head. Nor would we have things like meme culture, inspirational cat posters, or memorable elections.  But when is a good time and place to put a slogan on a promotional product?

Slogans, after all, are not a one size fits all thing. Sometimes they clutter up an area, are too wordy, or just not relevant or punchy. So, we are going to look into the right time to put a slogan on a promotional product.

Do you Have a Good Slogan?

One of the most interesting things about a slogan is that it is a short and catchy quote that unabashedly describes what it represents. As a rule of thumb, a good slogan is made up has these elements:

  1. Memorable – People love a short, almost melodic phrase that states a well-defined and persuasive context.
  2. Brief – Most of us don’t have the attention span or memory recollection for a long-winded message. Get straight to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit, after all.
  3. Positive- While it is true that most people are going to pick up negative things first, it rarely ever spurs people into action. A positive message, however, is something that is easier for large groups of people to rally behind.
  4. Beneficial- Buyers or recipients of a promotional product want to know what is in it for them. So, make part of your message about the benefits that they will receive.

There are plenty of good and bad examples out there already covered in other articles. Some more extensive than this one. Nonetheless, if you are unsure if you want to put in a slogan or tagline, run it by a few people who can objectively critique it.

Does Your Slogan Represent your Promotional Product Clearly?

A promotional product is not just something small that you give away to other potential clients. It is also a tangible form of a message. A message that you are sending to other people, whether you realize it or not.

That is why sending out the cheapest possible thing with little effort is usually frowned upon when it comes to the creation and dispensation of promotional products.

A slogan also sends a message. But this message is less implicit and more of an explicit exclamation. Your promotional product is merely a presentation platform for your slogan/message.

If the message appears cohesive in both your slogan and promotional product, then you are good to go. If not, you may want to rework either the product itself or the message to make it more cohesive.


The most practical of the three things you need to think about in regards to slogans and promotional products is placement. Not all promotional products have the same amount of space. Not all designs are conducive to having a lot of text in one area.

Usually, this sort of thing is caught in the preview stage. Before the confirmation of the order. However, when someone without some sort of aesthetic or graphic training is in charge, there is a risk of bad spacing or poor legibility.

Sometimes, you might come up lucky and the computer program will warn you whether your text can go off a specific area. But most programs, especially those on websites that expect you to order promotional products cheaply, the ‘design software’ is not sophisticated enough to pick up on those kinds of errors.

Thankfully, most print shops, especially ones that are used to working with promotional products like, Entrusted tees, have someone on hand who can spot those mistakes.  Still, if you do it yourself you need to find a second opinion. Even trained artists have a second pair of eyes look over their work before they finish. Because, if you don’t have room for it, you are likely going to run the risk of giving away a promotional product that looks tacky. Either that or you are going to spend extra money to cover the cost of the mistake.

Promotional products in Huntsville, AL, whether they have a logo, slogan or both require careful attention to detail and a well-trained eye.

If you are looking for someone you would trust to handle your promotional products in Huntsville, AL then visit www.entrustedtees.com for a consultation. Check us out!


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